Top Dog Breeds for Cold Climates

Hardy Siberian and Alaskan Huskies have thick coats built for subzero temperatures and Arctic adventures.  

Majestic Huskies

This Spitz breed has a dense bright white coat to blend into snowy backdrops and loves brisk weather.

Cold-hardy Samoyeds 

 With its tri-colored silky long fur, this powerful working farm breed excels even in snowy conditions.

Burly Bernese Mountain Dog 

Originally bred to rescue people trapped by avalanches, this gentle giant has insulation to spare.

 Saint Bernards 

This ancient Japanese breed has waterproof, insulating double coats befitting its northern heritage.

Nordic Akita Inus   

 An alert compact Nordic spitz breed with a thick cotton white coat up for any winter fun.

Playful American Eskimo Dogs  

This livestock guardian has a dense double-layer coat with wooly insulation against high elevation cold.  

Hard-working Tibetan Mastiffs

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