Selecting the Best Dog Breed For Your Family  

Active outdoor-loving families do best with energetic sporting breeds while couch potatoes suit low key lapdogs.  

Lifestyle Compatibility

Ensure any dog interacts properly with kids, strangers and other home pets with careful introductions prior to adoption.

Temperament Testing  

Fostering dogs gives households a flexible trial run to test compatibility before permanent pet commitment.  

Try Fostering First  

Avoid big breeds like Great Danes for tiny city apartments. Seek small to medium dogs under 50 lbs instead.  

 Consider Space Limitations

Long haired shedding breeds like Huskies require much more upkeep than short coats like a Boston Terrier.  

Review Grooming Needs  

High energy herding or sporting dogs demand vigorous daily exercise which must be fulfilled to prevent behavior issues.   

Evaluate Exercise Needs

Reputable breeders, trainers and shelter staff provide guidance matching families' lifestyles to appropriate dog breeds and mixes.

Ask Experts  

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