Tips to Stop Cat Bullying Within Multi-Cat Homes  

Pinpoint the aggressor cat. Look for behaviors like swatting, chasing, blocking access to resources as clues.  

Identify the Bully   

Ensure both bully & victim cats have clean bills of health. Pain or illness can spark aggressive or bothersome behaviors.  

Vet Check both Cats

If introducing newer cats, follow steps like separate rooms and scent swapping to set the relationship up smoothly.

Proper Introductions  

Ensure multiple spaced food/water bowls, litter boxes, scratchers, perches & hiding spots to minimize tension & crowding.

Manage Resources  

 If face-offs escalate, place the bully cat in a separate room for 15-30 mins to break obsessive habits. 

Scheduling Time-Outs   

Gently trim bully cat claws regularly to decrease harm if swatting still occurs sometimes.  

Trim Claws

Pair bully cats seeing victim cats with treats to build positive associations gradually.


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