Step-By-Step Guide to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Start training on a soft, low distraction surface. Use mats and carpets to cushion your pup. Hard floors may scare novice rollers!  

Pick the Right Spot  

Wave around or rub a super smelly, delicious treat just above your dog's shoulder to tempt them to tip sideways.  

Use an Irresistible Lure  

The second their shoulder touches the ground, say your marker word like "Yes!" Then immediately give the treat praise.

Mark and Reward  

Gradually lure further down their body to encourage more rolling until they do a complete barrel roll for the reward. 

Shape the Behavior  

Now attach a verbal cue like "Roll over!" as soon as they start rolling so they associate the command with the action.  

Add a Cue  

 Keep training sessions short and upbeat as you practice the roll over cue. Sprinkle in known tricks to keep it fun!  

 Practice Small Sessions   

If your dog resists or struggles, revisit an earlier step. Build solid foundations incrementally.   

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