Tips to Keep Neighborhood Dogs Out of Your Yard  

Solid fences with locked gates limit yard access points and deter casual entry by roaming dogs.  

Secure Barriers

Scatter citrus peels, coffee grounds, vinegar around the perimeter. Dogs dislike the scents pungency or acidity.  

Natural Repellents  

Movement-activated sprinkler systems effectively shoo away frolicking pooches when sensors are triggered.  

 Motion Sprinklers   

 Emitting high-frequency tones only dogs hear, ultrasonic repellers drive them back without affecting people or most wildlife.

Ultrasonic Devices  

Politely alerting neighbors about issues can lead to increased supervision or training to curb wandering tendencies.  

Give Owners a Heads Up   

Kindly remind owners of leash laws requiring dogs be under control in public spaces - your private property qualifies. 

 Follow Leash Laws

Pick up fallen fruit, secure trash bins, etc. to ensure there's no appealing smells or items drawing dogs onto your turf. 

 Remove Attractions 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Train Your Dog