A Step-By-Step Guide to Train Your Dog

Before training, make sure your dog's needs for exercise, attention, enrichment are met. This primes them to learn.  

Set Up for Success   

Reward wanted behaviors immediately with high-value treats, praise, play. This consistently reinforces cues.  

 Positive Reinforcement  

 Young pups have short attention spans. Even adult dogs max out at 15 mins per session. End on a good note

Keep Sessions Short

Break down new skills into small achievable sub-goals. Check each step with rewards as building blocks.

 Build In Baby Steps

Generalize commands so your dog follows them anytime, anywhere - not just in training sessions.

Practice Everywhere  

Some dogs learn fast, others more slowly. Stick to short daily sessions with upbeat energy and attitudes.  

Be Patient & Persistent   

Reinforce incompatible behaviors for bad habits. Never punish physically or after the fact. That just teaches fear.   

Address Problem Behaviors   

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