Tips For Happy and Healthy Indoor Cats

Wand toys and food puzzles give vital exercising hunting stimulation. Engage daily in energetic games preventing boredom & obesity.  

Play Sessions  

Tall cat trees, wall-mounted shelves, table perches satisfy climbing urges safely while granting birdwatching, overseeing kingdom vantage points.  

Vertical Exploration

Offer leafy, pet-safe greenery and herbs for sniffing, pawing and nibbling satisfying inner wild instincts soothed.  

Potted Plants 

Build or purchase window, balcony or yard “catios" so they can still watch and smell the outdoors even as cherished indoor lifers.  

Outdoors Exposure  

Stress relievers like Feliway diffusion products or calming collars/treats ease reactions to loud noises, remodeling or visiting guests stressors.  

Calming Supplements  

Rotate novel toys frequently to maintain curious interests. Hide treats activating search drives. Puzzle feeders also prolong solo play.  

Combat Boredom  

Follow veterinarian care plans for nourishing foods, dental checks, parasite prevention and diagnostic labwork managing health for content longevity.   

Preventative Care 

Stylish Solutions for Cat Furniture