Stylish Solutions for Cat Furniture

Ottomans with removable lids or coffee tables with liftable tops allow discreet built-in litter box storage while serving guests convincingly as decor focal points when shut.  

Multipurpose Pieces 

Select scratching posts, trees and resting perches in an on-theme darker neutral wood tone or color that meshes with existing furniture choices and wall colors.

Color Scheme

Define activity places by situating items according to use patterns - feeding beside kitchens, scratchers near human workstations they gravitate towards supervising.

Feline Zones  

Hide waste receptacles inside decorative storage benches, hampers or glazed ceramics that outwardly contribute to room styling with or without integrated planters or decorative tops.  

Display Litter Boxes  

Disguise utilitarian fixtures like litter pans behind curtains, foldable screens printed with artwork or arrange accent pillows strategically masking cat items when company visits.  

Camouflage With Textiles

Install perches on bookcase ledges or cut porthole entries within existing cabinetry base units rather than relegating stand-alone unattractive plastic towers to room corners.  

Incorporate Into Shelving 

Spare budget buys optical upgrades like brass pole caps atop scratching posts, trim out basic carpeted perches with decorative tacks or ceramic tile receptive resting mats.  

Upgrade Basic Items  

Fun Indoor Games to Play With Cats