The Top 7 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds  

Energetic working dogs bred to closely guide sheep herds with obedience, stamina and readiness to learn new skills.  

Border Collies 

Eager to please with above average understanding of new commands make Miniature and Standard Poodles highly obedient.


 Alert, confident police and military dogs known for intelligence, trainability and strong work ethic.

German Shepherds  

Friendly, devoted and enthusiastic to master all kinds of training from complex tasks to family obedience.  

Golden Retrievers

Athleticism matched by trainability and responsiveness make Dobermans reliable working, therapy and service dogs. 

 Doberman Pinschers   

The "Sheltie" Collie relative shines at competitive dog sports needing advanced obedience like agility and fly ball

Shetland Sheepdogs 

America's family favorite, Labrador's even temperament, trainability and "work for food" drive fuels their learning abilities

Labrador Retriever  

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