Can Dogs & Cats Really Get Along? 

 Dogs are predator pack animals needing social structure while cats are more solitary hunters. But they can adapt!

 Instincts Differ

Carefully introduce dogs and cats using baby gates to keep separate until they remain calm and relaxed together.  

Slow Intros  

Reward calm dog and cat behaviors using treats when they are in view of, then closer to each other during meets.

 Positive Association  

Ensure cats have escape routes onto high perches and hiding spots dogs can't access as wanted.

 Cat Safespaces  

 If either starts obsessing over the other, redirect their focus to toys or training to defuse tension.

 Redirect Energy

Amicable signs include voluntarily being near each other, mutual grooming, playing and sharing beds or toys!

 Bonding Signs

Dogs chasing or biting at cats, cats swatting and hissing indicate anxiety needing more conditioning. 

Fear Triggers  

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