7 Tiny Dog That Stay Small When Fully Grown  

The smallest dog breed in terms of height is the Chihuahua, standing only 5-8 inches tall when full grown.  


Though small at 9-11 inches tall, Affenpinschers have a big dog attitude and confidence beyond their size.


Another spirited toy breed is the Brussels Griffon, measuring 7-10 inches tall and weighing 8-15 pounds as adults. 

 Brussels Griffon

With its plumed ears and dainty frame of 8-11 inches tall, the Papillon retains a puppy-like appeal its entire life.


Elegant Japanese Chins grow to a petite 8-11 inches tall and resemble ornate ceramic statuettes.

Japanese Chin

Though considered a toy breed at 7-9 inches tall as adults, Yorkies possess true terrier grit.

Yorkshire Terrier  

 The popular Pomeranian measures just 6-7 inches in height but has a huge personality like its ancestors sled dogs.  


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