Reasons Indoor Cats Still Need Pet Insurance

Indoor cats can still suffer injuries falling, ingestingforeign objects, or from rambunctious play that require veterinary care.

Accidents Happen

Indoor cats can develop costly illnesses like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, skin conditions, and upper respiratory infections.

Illnesses Strike  

Persians, Siamese and other breeds are prone to inherited genetic conditions despite being indoor pets.

Hereditary Conditions

Even routine care like annual exams, vaccines, tests and preventatives are expensive out-of-pocket.

Vet Costs Add Up

Like humans, cancer risk increases in older cats. Treatment is expensive.

Cancer Risk Increases  

Accidental poisonings and other emergencies can happen, even with indoor-only cats.

Unexpected Emergencies

Indoor cats still require dental cleanings that cost over $500.

Dental Disease

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