Fascinating Facts On Kitten Growth Stages  

Newborn kittens average just 100 grams or 3-4 oz at birth regardless of breed, doubling that in their first week rapidly.  

Birth Weight 

Kittens open their eyes gradually between 10-14 days on average, starting out a blue-gray hue that transforms into permanent colors.

Eyes Opening

Ears start functioning around 18-20 days when they coordinate ear movement towards sound sources and retain balance better.  

Ears Working

Needle-sharp baby teeth erupt around 3 weeks old making soft chew toys and gentle handling essential to prevent bites.

Baby Teeth  

At around 3 weeks kittens gain mobility, take first wobbly steps and start climbing/exploring beyond the nest spot more independently.


Around 5-6 weeks old kittens transition to sleeping separately vs piling with mom and siblings as independence increases.

Solo Sleeping

By 6-7 weeks mama cat begins teaching kittens how to self-groom by licking them as their coordination develops further.  


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