Most Popular Gray Cat Breeds

An elegant yet playful breed, Russian Blues have a distinctive bright blue-gray short plush coat.

Russian Blue

Most British Shorthairs exhibit a dense blue-gray coat ranging from lighter silver to dark charcoal hues.

British Shorthair 

Japanese Bobtails are known for their pom pom short tails and many have an endearing gray fur color.

Japanese Bobtail

Chartreux are muscular cats with a fluffy blue fur that can appear gray. They have golden eyes.


Wegie cats often display striking gray and white color combos that complement their large size.

Norwegian Forest  

Nebelungs have dense medium-long gray fur, green eyes and resemble a Russian Blue in elongated form.


Hallmarked by large green eyes and silver-tipped fur, Korats are known as "good luck cats" in Thailand.  


Cat Breeds With Adorably Big Ears