Cat Breeds With Adorably Big Ears

Scottish Folds are born with naturally forward-folding ears that contribute to their sweet, owl-like facial expression. 

Scottish Fold  

American Curls have elegant ears that curl back in a graceful arc giving them a unique, alert appearance.

American Curl

Orientals have very large, wide-set ears that showcase their inquisitive personality.

Oriental Shorthair

Devon Rex ears sit low and wide apart framing their impish, pixie-like faces.

Devon Rex

Bald Sphynx cats have oversized ears that tend to steal attention and highlight their silly personalities.  


Large upright ears contribute to the amusing, elfin look of the playful Cornish Rex breed.

Cornish Rex

Patient, relaxed Selkirk Rex cats have big curled back ears that suit their laidback temperament.  

Selkirk Rex  

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