Most Lovably Goofy and Least Intelligent Dog

Aloof clown dogs originating from Middle East frequently top least trainable breed lists but fans adore their quirks.

 Afghan Hound  

Though often bullheaded when training, their goofy grins and snorting charm still endear these low working memory dogs.


Driven by nose instead of commands, this scent obsessed pack wins over owners with playful personalities despite training challenges.


Though not obedient, yodeling small hunters bonds closely with owners in a mischievous, clever way all their own.  


This statuesque sighthound is independent minded yet affectionate when desiring human touch on their terms only.


Their catlike aloofness means they're only moderately motivated by praise but make faithful companions.

Chow Chows

Brave tiny lion dogs have more independence than eagerness for direction but give enduring love in return.


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