Top Reasons Dogs Pant Explained

Panting evaporates moisture from tongues, mouth and lungs lowering body temperature when hot.  

 Cooling Off  

 Fear, nervousness or noise phobia can prompt anxious panting needing comforting or medication for high stress dogs.


Physical activity also raises dogs body heat so they'll pant to cool down as heart rates and respiration recover.  

 After Exercise 

Discomfort from injuries, arthritis or illnesses may induce heavy panting indicating vet visit need.

Pain Sign

Hormones, weight gain and body changes understandably alter pregnant dog cooling needs.  

When Pregnant  

Rapid uncontrolled panting with vomiting and diarrhea signals emergency vet care required.

Danger - Heatstroke  

Calm nervous panting with massage, distracting games or prescribed anti anxiety medication if excessive.  

Tips to Help   

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