Most Affectionate Gray Cat Breeds Wanting Cuddles

Their sparkling gray coats beautifully contrast bright green eyes. True Velcro cats clinging to your side whenever possible! 

 Russian Blues  

Low maintenance teddy bear fur lets you focus on cuddle time! Perfect armful for cats and Netflix.

British Shorthairs

Majestic winter coat hides affectionate sweetheart happiest in your lap. Hard to stop petting! 

Norwegian Forest Cats

Unmistakable big ears, sleek coat and need to be involved in your activities - no personal space!

Oriental Shorthairs  

Long flowing fur inspires nonstop stroking when held in arms.Blissful rumbly purrs on cold nights under blankets.


Their hearts shown through luminous green eyes meet your gaze eagerly awaiting next snuggle invitation.  


Easygoing family companion ready to comfort your every sorrow, celebrate each joy curled up nearby.

 American Shorthairs

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