Dogs Dementia Progression Similarly as Humans

Autopsies reveal dogs develop same amyloid brain plaque accumulation as humans with Alzheimer's disease. 

Plaque Buildup  

Disorientation in new places, altered social interactions and loss of housetraining mirror commonly reported early dementia signs in aging humans.  

Symptom Mirroring

Senior dogs may grow more anxious or irritated with changes just like personality shifts seen in early dementia patients.

Mood Shifts  

Canine cognitive issues consistently show gradual onset over years - slow Alzheimer's progression in humans.  

Gradual Onset  

Imaging scans affirmed the cortex and hippocampus regions linked with Alzheimer's also atrophy as cognition declines in aged dogs.

 Neuro Changes  

While strong evidence exists, conclusive diagnosis requires improved assessments and postmortem dog brain studies not yet conducted.  

Study Limitations  

 Further confirmation could spur better treatments for both species targeting similar nervous system dysfunction mechanisms.   

 Treatment Avenues  

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