Life With A German Shepherd Guide  

German Shepherds are extremely bright, ranking in the top 3 intelligent dog breeds. This makes training very rewarding but also requires plenty of mental stimulation.


German Shepherds need vigorous activity daily like running, playing fetch, or a job to do. Without enough exercise, they can become destructive.


Their loyal and velcro nature means this breed prefers being around “their person” often. They can experience separation anxiety.  


German Shepherds are moderate shedders needing weekly brushing. Bathe only when dirty to avoid drying sensitive skin prone to conditions.


Responsible breeding minimizes risks for hip dysplasia, elbow issues, and autoimmune disorders GSDs can inherit.  


Extensive positive socialization when young ensures a stable temperament. Proper handling prevents overprotective guarding tendencies


Consistent training is a must for these strong, driven dogs to learn good house manners, impulse control and response to cues. 


Important Commands To Teach Your Puppy