Important Commands To Teach Your Puppy

Sit is often the first cue taught. Have treats ready to reward behind their head to get their butt on the ground. 


Ask for a down from the sit. Move the lure under their nose to guide their head down between paws for the treat.


Come recalls your puppy back to you using high value treats and lots of praise. Don't punish if they take awhile at first!


Stay means don't move from that spot! Practice short durations, give treats after. Use a release cue like "OK!"


Leave it protects from eating unwanted objects. Distract with a treat when they resist temptation.

Leave it 

Exchanging toys/items for treats teaches drop it to prevent resource guarding. Start with low value items first.

Drop it  

Teaching puppies their name grabs their attention for focus and further training. Just say it, then reward eye contact.

Name Game

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