Signs Of Heartworm Disease In Dogs

A persistent dry cough is one of the earliest signs as the heart and lungs become infected with worms over months.


As more worms block blood flow, dogs exhibit lethargy, reduced tolerance for exercise and difficulty breathing due to poor oxygen circulation.


Vomiting, no appetite and weight loss emerges over time as heartworms damage heart tissue and other organs.


In advanced cases, dogs may faint or collapse suddenly due to restricted blood supply and congestive heart failure.  


If immature worms migrate to other body parts, they can cause pain, inflammation, and other ACL, joint or spinal issues.


Heartworm disease spreads through mosquito bites. Talk to your vet about prevention as over 25% of dogs nationwide test positive.


Even early stage heartworms will be detected using blood antigen tests. Annual exams help diagnose issues before irreversible damage.


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