Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds For Laps

Elegant, dignified Russian Blue cats love to sit calmly and quietly in laps while emitting a soothing, vibrating purr. 

Russian Blue

Affectionate, gentle Ragdolls go limp and relaxed when handled. They’ll happily lounge across laps for pets and cuddles.


Active, playful Devon Rex cats have kitten-like personalities and enjoy draping across owners' laps when they settle down.

Devon Rex

Intelligent, vocal Oriental Shorthairs form strong bonds with their preferred people and eagerly seek out lap time. 

Oriental Shorthair  

Though vocal and energetic at times, Siamese cats do settle down for quiet, quality time in their special person's lap.


Quirky, amusing Cornish Rex cats have a greyhound-like build ideal for laying across laps gracefully while seeking affection.  

Cornish Rex

Fun-loving Burmese cats may play for hours but when tired, they curl up happily and comfortably on welcoming laps


Adorable Traits of Seal Point Ragdoll Cats