Adorable Traits of Seal Point Ragdoll Cats

Seal Point Ragdolls have a light brown body with darker brown points on the face, ears, legs and tail.


Their bright blue eyes beautifully contrast the seal brown points and showcase their sweet, innocent expression.

Blue Eyes  

Like puppies, Seal Points love to follow their owners, play fetch and learn tricks. They bond strongly with their family.


Seal Points are extremely affectionate, relaxed and enjoy being held. They love lap time and cuddles.

Docile Nature

With proper introductions, Seal Point Ragdolls do exceptionally well with gentle children thanks to their patient, calm temperament.

Kid Friendly

Eager to please and very food motivated, Seal Points can learn commands and enjoy puzzle feeders or toys.

Smart Breed

With their sweet personality, Seal Point Ragdolls almost never exhibit any aggressive behavior even as kittens.


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