How to Train Your Cat to Sit Up on Command

Start by luring your cat's nose up and rewarding them for stretching to follow the treat held over their head.

Lure With Treats  

Hold a target stick or finger above their head so they follow the target up into a sit position. Reward.

Use Target Stick

Say "sit up" each time you lure or target your cat into the upright position before treating.

Add Cue

Be sure to reward any progress towards sitting up, not just the final position. This builds confidence.

Reward Small Steps

Gradually phase out the lure or target so your cat responds to the verbal cue alone.

Fade the Lure

Maintain your cat's interest with 5-minute training sessions and end on a positive note.

Keep It Short

Daily repetition in distraction-free settings ensures your cat retains the learned skill.  

Practice Consistently 

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