Ways to Deal with a Demanding Cat

Provide puzzle feeders, hidden treat balls, tunnel gyms allowing independent play so they learn entertaining themselves while you’re occupied.  


Initiate quality one-on-one play sessions before you get busy so they have an activity outlet preventing bored nagging for focus.  


Note body language precedes demands like staring, circling feet, tail up positioning so you can initiate pats before vocalizing starts.  


Use compressed air, aluminum foil or upside down double sided tape to discourage countertop begging, unwanted chewing, scratching.  


Give heavier praise/treats when entertaining themselves quietly to positively reinforce more independent calm conduct.  


Try synthetic feline pheromone plug-ins that mimic nursing mother cats' chemistry signaling everything’s OK reducing separation stress.


Adopting a bonded second kitten or cat provides play company so they don’t fixate on you solely for stimulation.  

Second Cat 

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