How To Tell Your Cat Wants Affection  

Excessive meowing or pitiful sounding cries directed your way reflects a clear solicitation for focus, playtime or treats!


Cats feeling affectionate and hoping to connect often circle closely around your feet or legs while purring and looking up hopefully.  


A gentle head bonk on your arm or leg is a cat hug signaling they wish to cuddle or resume lap time with you after an absence.

Head Bunt 

When cats plop down for an impromptu back rolling expose fest before you, that’s a neon invitation for belly rubs!  


Unique chirp-like vocalizations can reflect excitement directed at owners they adore after periods apart like when you return home.


Repeated paw kneading on your lap along with staring into your eyes screams this kitty craves quality bonding time together.  


Elevated, gently curled tail tips gives off positive, hopeful vibes during attempted interactions to snag your attention.

Tail Up  

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