How to Introduce Yourself to a New Cat

When bringing home a new cat, give them their own room first filled with familiar scents and blankets, visiting briefly to allow acclimation.  

Gradual Adjustment  

Crouch down to seem small and non-threatening. Hold out your hand and let the cat choose to inspect you when ready.

Approach First

Have favorite nutritious treats ready to gently toss encouraging them to come nearer as they associate you with good things.  

Offer Tasty Treats  

Initiate gentle play sessions with wands and toys letting the cat direct activities, releasing energy and bonding with you.  

Encourage Play   

Speak softly, moving smoothly to prevent frightening shy cats getting accustomed to new sights and sounds.  

Quiet Calm Voices  

Ensure secluded, high perches and hideaways are available so they can retreat when overstimulated as needed.  

Cozy Retreats

Restrict early visits to 5-10 minutes, allowing the cat to process experiences preventing stress.

First Interactions

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