Common Cat Behaviors and Meanings

Happy, nursing kittens knead mom's belly. Adult cats knead soft bedding or owners showing contentment. Loud purrs signal bliss & affection.

Kneading & Purring

Cats have scent glands around lips & face. Rubbing against people or objects marks "this is mine" while mingling smells.

Rubbing & Bunting

Slowly blinking eyes conveys cats feeling safe & calm. Blink back to say "I won't harm you." Rapid blinking shows overstimulation.  

Slow Blinks

Erect, rotating ears show curiosity about noises and movements in environment. Pins back ears mean threatened, fearful.

Ear Twitches

Upright tail wagging quickly at tip often signals positive excitement, interest to play or greet owners at return.

Wagging Tail

Circular loaf shape with tucked paws is comfortable position allowing cat to easily observe surroundings and nap.  

Cat Loaf  

Finicky bathroom habits like scratching, delicate stepping, extremely picky litter box preferences all tie to natural survival instincts.  

Bathroom Rituals  

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