How To Choose The Best Dog Toys

High energy dogs need more rigorous interactive puzzles. Low key pups like stuffless squeakers.

Activity Level  

Get toys promoting proper teething and coordination skills for puppy development stages. Senior dogs need softer toys


Ensure chosen toys have no small choking hazards or toxicity risks if destroyed. Prioritize safety.

Review Safety  

Added tactile elements like crackle paper, fuzz, crinkle plastic engage senses for longer toy interest.

Fun Textures  

Balls, frisbees, rope tugs encourage chasing and biting instincts in safe, engaging ways.  

Natural Instincts   

Mentally stimulate dogs by making them work to access kibble stuffed into toy cavities.   

Dispensing Toys 

Unexpected squishy, squeaky or tactile toys surprise and delight while curtailing boredom with familiar toys.   

Novel Materials

Bonding With Your New Puppy