Bonding With Your New Puppy

Make crates happy dens, not punishment zones. Crate games build trust and ease separation stress.

Crate Training  

Feeding from your palm, especially high value treats, teaches pups to look to you for resources and strengthens engagement.  

Feed Meals  

Keep initial training sessions short but frequent using tiny tasty treats. This wires your puppy to find listening to you highly rewarding. 

Treat Training  

Meeting needs like proper exercise, attention, gentle handling builds crucial trust during developmental stages.   

Their Needs  

Bonds deepen through extensive quality contact - relaxing, playing, training, adventuring. Engage their eager young minds!

Time Together  

Consistent positive reinforcement house training accelerates bonding during trying times.

Potty Training  

Verbal praise, gentle pets and massages demonstrate warmth. Find what touch they like best!  

Show Affection   

Finding The Best Dog Sitter