First Night Sleeping Spots for New Kittens  

Use a crate, carrier, or bathroom limiting overwhelming or risky areas letting kittens gradually and safely explore


Site in rooms with easy access to necessities like fresh water, litter pans, and dinner bowls. 

Near Litters + Food

Cushion kittens from cold floors using small covered beds, doughnut pillows, or cushiony mats.

Soft Plush Bed  

Include bedding carrying previous home’s smells calming distressed kittens.  

Familiar Items

Prevent pitch black unfamiliarity with dim nightlights allowing navigation if restless.


Make periodic checks, softly stroke them if awake, and let kittens see you’re near even if not in the same room.  


 Start restricted but over days or weeks kittens will progress to full home access as the environment becomes “theirs”. 

Upgrade Gradually   

Stop Cats From Urine Spraying Inside Your Home