Stop Cats From Urine Spraying Inside Your Home 

Eliminating reproductive hormonal drives thwarts most impulses to spray walls and areas inside homes

Spay or Neuter

Scoop waste instantly, swap litter regularly, use optimal depth, offer multiple sites, and add boxes for satisfactory bathroom options.  

Clean Litterboxes  

Troubleshoot underlying issues like new cats, construction, changes, or schedules aggravating stressed cats.   

Reduce Anxiety Triggers

 Aluminum foil, double-sided sticky tape, plastic carpet runners, or repellent sprays applied around common accident zones warns cats away.  

Employ Deterrents   

Blot stains immediately then wash with enzymatic cleaners chemically neutralizing odors.  

Thoroughly Clean Soiled Spots

Keep cats away from known sprayed rooms using barriers so smells don’t prompt recurrence.  

Restrict Access

Diffusers mimicking natural calming facial pheromones help soothe some spraying cases.

Synthetic Feline Pheromones  

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