Dog Breeds Boasting the Curliest Tails

Selectively bred tight tails proudly salute over "donkey headed dwarfs" like playfully mischievous flags.


When not wiggling enthusiastically, their little nubbin tails usually curl into a perfect cinnamon button.

French Bulldog

Congenital vertebra malformations give Basenjis their trademark tightly coiled tails.  


Customarily carried curled over their backs, their tails untwist to sublime plumes when running.  


Chow Chows, Shibas, American Eskimo Dogs and other northern breeds frequently curl tails across their furry backs. 

Spitz Breeds

 Screw tails certainly contribute endless amusement beyond their sour mug for this silly but stalwart breed.

English Bulldog

Random embryos occasionally favor mutant bent tails causing good-humored head scratching! 

Unidentified Mixed Breeds  

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