7 Awesome Dog Breeds Originating From Australia

 Despite their name, a standalone all-American herding breed. Agile, highly trainable stock handlers.  

Australian Shepherd  

Bold resilient workers adept at moving stubborn cattle with heel nips. Loyal protectors.  

Australian Cattle Dog  

Born without tails to prevent injury. Sturdy biters driving livestock with strength and stamina. 

Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog 

Tireless resilient self-directed workers coordinating sheep movements through staring, circling and gentle nipping. 

Australian Kelpie  

Clever multi-purpose farm dogs skilled at duties from herding to hunting and police work.  


Smooth-haired compact yet tenacious Terriers bred to eradicate rodents and snakes. Affectionate companions.  

Australian Silky Terrier  

Initially rough coated vermin hunting Terriers latter bred as refined lap dogs too. Spirited and alert.

Australian Terrier

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