Coping Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Build alone tolerance beginning with brief, regular 5-30 minute departures to prevent panic. Vary return times unpredictably too.  

Solo Time Slowly 

Prevent boredom by providing fresh chew bones, puzzle toys with hidden kibble to occupy them productively while you're gone.  

Stimulate Beforehand  

Calming music, audiobooks or TV chatter can soothe silence and distract missing you.  

Background Noise  

Place out slept-in pajamas or used socks emitting your scent for comfort and the illusion of company.  

Unwashed Clothing  

Considering hiring mid-day dog walkers to break up longer necessary solo stretches if possible.  

Schedule Dog Walkers  

If crating while away, ensure it's a relaxing den-like safe space with cozy bedding filled using positive reinforcement training beforehand.

Train Properly   

Minimize lengthy greetings & goodbyes which can heighten separation reactions. Come and go neutrally instead.  

Return Low Key  

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