Why Do Some Dogs Get Car Sick?

Inner ear confusion from vehicle movement conflicting with visual motion cues commonly causes dogs to vomit bile, food or fluids while riding.  

Triggers Nausea

Dogs already prone to separation or travel anxiety associate car trips with being left places increasing nausea-inducing stress hormones like adrenaline during rides.


Eating right before travel increases reflux and vomiting chances. Allow fasting minimum 2-3 hours before long rides to keep stomach settled.  

Empty Stomach

Preventively crack windows for steady airflow. Position any vents or fans to blow straight on your prone pooch preventing rebreathing exhaled nausea fumes.  

Fresh Air Flow

Anxiety reducing wraps, calming chews, pheromone collars or vet prescribed anti-nausea meds given beforehand may ease upset.

Soothing Aids  

Make every car experience pleasant with fun toys, tasty treats and praise so pups gain positive associations that outweigh distress.  

incentive Conditioning  

Use enzyme-based odor eliminators where accidents happen as residual smells can trigger future vomiting.  

Thorough Interior Cleaning 

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