Cats That Don't Shed Much Fur  

With a short, soft, downy coat, Devon Rex cats hardly shed any fur. Ideal minimal grooming required.

Devon Rex

Only a fine layer of downy fur covers Cornish Rexes creating barely any excess hair around the home.

Cornish Rex   

Hairless Sphynx cats often labeled hypoallergenic and perfect for those wanting no traces of cat fur.


Oriental Shorthairs have a fine but neat, close-lying coat not prone to much shedding due to the hair texture.

Oriental Shorthair 

Long-haired Balinese cats shed minimally with their silky fur trapping most dead hairs in the coat instead of dropping.  


Siamese cats have short, fine hair that clings to their body and doesn’t release much fur to surroundings. 


With a plush, dense coat, most loose hair gets trapped on Russian Blues keeping homes relatively fur free.  

Russian Blue 

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