Smartest Cat Breeds You’ll Love

Inquisitive Abyssinian cats love to investigate, solve puzzles and learn tricks. Very active and playful breed.


Energetic Bengals thrive when challenged mentally and physically. Eager to learn and very observant.


Curious, outgoing Turkish Vans form close bonds with their people. Enjoy playing fetch and learning commands.

Turkish Vans

Savannahs have dog-like personalities. Intelligent, loyal and trainable using positive reinforcement.


Vocal, affectionate Siamese cats demand mental stimulation. Skillful problem solvers and fast learners.


Siberian cats have a very playful spirit, athleticism and maintain kitten-like curiosity into adulthood.  


Gentle giants of the cat world, Maine Coons pick up on words, routines and cues exceptionally fast.

Maine Coons

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