Cutest Cat Breeds You'll Adore

Affectionate, calm-natured, enjoy being held like a baby. Soft as a stuffed animal you can't resist cuddling!


Sweet expression with big round eyes and smooshed face. Long, flowing fur begs to be petted and brushed.  


Adorably cute folded ears. Loyal, loving couch potatoes. Playful and silly at times too.  

Scottish Folds   

Striking and sleek hairless appearance. Defy scary look with incredibly snuggly behavior. Need skin care & warmth. 


Majestic long water-resistant fur suit with lynx-like ear tufts. Affectionate gentle giants love to snuggle in.  

Norwegian Forest Cats

Known for deep blue crossed eyes & talkative voices. Attach strongly to favorite people for lifetimes.   


Shaggy gentle giants make wonderful lap cats. Intuitive companions love kids & other pets too.  

Maine Coon

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