All About Calico Cat Traits and Care

Origins uncertain but calicos thought to originate from Asia. The striking tri-color pattern is a cat genetic phenomenon. 

Origins & History   

Independent but affectionate. Bold, feisty & vocal when young. Grow calmer with age. Smart, agile & love heights.


Groom weekly to reduce shedding & hairballs. Provide interactive puzzle toys & playtime. Set consistent feeding times.  

Care Tips

No major breed-specific issues but can be prone to obesity, feline asthma, bladder stones & dental disease.  

Health Issues   

Average 12-18 years indoors. Outdoor lifespan shorter, just 2-5 years. Oldest known calico was 28 years old!   


Coat color expression is random. No two calicos have same pattern. Heavy white coats with few orange/black spots occasionally seen.

Cat Trait

Calicos are good luck" and "calicos have the best personalities" are common myths.


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