Top Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Purchase $3,000+. Grooming & shedding care $2,000+ yearly. Serious health issues increase vet bills.

Chow Chow

Purchase $2,000+. Need intense training & activities $5,000+ over lifetime. Prone to health issues.  


Purchase $3,000+. Breathing & joint issues require costly care. Annual costs $3,000+.

French Bulldog

Purchase $1,500+. Genetic defects prevalent requiring very high lifetime vet bills.  

Cavalier King Charles

Purchase $1,200+. Large size necessitates pricier food, meds. Serious genetic health issues.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Purchase fees low but racing injuries & illness from poor breeding raise vet bills.  


Purchase $2,500+. High grooming requirements plus health issues like hip dysplasia increase costs.   

Afghan Hound

Full Costs of Owning a Dog Responsibly