7 Signs Your Cat Has Picked Their Top Person 

Cats often solicit attention from preferred people through nudges, yowling and repeatedly bugging them vs ignoring others.   

Seeks Your Attention  

 Tracking you from room to room can mean you're the "chosen one" in kitty's world over other options.  

Loyally Follows  

Responding better to commands can demonstrate you have more value than other humans to them. 

 Listens To You 

 If one lap is consistently favored over others for curling up on, they likely prefer lounging on their top human.  

 Lap Magnet 

Rubbing just on you signals conveying possession - "you belong to me hooman!".  

 Leg Rubbing  

Hanging around you frequently while avoiding or snubbing others reveals preferential treatment in action.   

Spends More Time Near You

Intense eye contact and staring straight at you can reflect a stronger emotional connection and bond forming.

 Stares Deeply At You 

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