7-Step Guide To Properly Care for Your New Kitten

Lock up toxins, provide scratching posts, hide wires, secure balconies and stock kitten appropriate toys.   

Kitten Proof Home

Feed age-appropriate commercial or homemade kitten diets. Feed set amounts on schedule.  

Feed Nutritious Diet 

Brush coat, trim nails, check ears and teeth regularly. Start handling paws early for easier nail trims

Groom Regularly

Use rewards, not punishment. Redirect scratching. Socialize extensively. Consider leash training.  

Train Properly  

Arrange initial exam, deworming, vaccines and spay/neuter consult early. Microchip too.  

Vet Checkups 

 Rotate interactive puzzle feeders, toys, playtime with human counterparts to challenge developing minds and bodies

 Stimulate Naturally 

 Don't leave unsupervised with hazards. Ensure properly confining when away. Consider pet insurance

Prioritize Safety  

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