7 of the Most Popular Companion Pet Breeds

Even-tempered, versatile Labrador Retrievers make wonderful guides, detection, disability and pet dogs.

Family-friendly Labs

Intelligent, eager-to-please Golden Retrievers shine as guide dogs and obedient family pets.   

People-pleasing Goldens  

With silly personalities in compact bodies, French Bulldogs are playful affectionate apartment pets.

 Perky French Bulldogs

This merry breed’s stunning sense of smell makes Beagles expert detection dogs and curious pets.

Happy Hound Beagles

 Elegant, effortlessly intelligent Poodles charm owners with their versatility across sizes and clips.  

Primped Poodles  

Vocal, affectionate Siamese cats broadcast strong opinions and closet themselves in homes and hearts.

Sociable Siamese  

From street cats to pedigrees, striped tabby cat patterns persist on countless beloved feline breed mutts.  

Numerous Tabby Mixes   

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