The 7 Largest Dog Breeds Around 

With males exceeding 30 inches and 175 pounds, patient Great Danes are literal gentle giants.

Towering Great Danes  

One of the most ancient giant breeds, Mastiffs can reach 30 inches tall and 230 pounds. 

Massive Mastiffs

 Known for alpine rescues, huge heavy-coated St. Bernards average between 140-180 pounds full grown.  

 Big-boned St. Bernards

The famously water-loving Newfies typically measure 28 inches tall and 150 pounds in size.  

Seafaring Newfoundlands

Scottish Deerhounds are sight hounds over 30 inches tall, weighing 90-110 pounds.

Lofty Leggy Deerhounds   

This German giant breed stretches over 2.5 feet tall and 170 pounds when full grown.  

 Lion-esque Leonbergers

Despite the name, easygoing Irish Wolfhounds are gentler family dogs weighing up to 180 pounds.   

Wolf-like Irish Wolfhounds  

The Smallest Dog Breeds Worldwide