7 Cutest Cat Breeds Guaranteed to Melt Your Heart

Scottish Folds allure fans with their owl-like facial features and folded ears.  

Scottish Fold  

Affectionate, snuggly Ragdolls love being pampered and cradled like babies.  


Plush short fur, round eyes, and chunky builds define darling British Shorthairs.   

British Shorthair

Tiny legs resembling Corgis coupled with candy corn tails give Munchkins universal appeal.


Squishy flat faces, lush coats and playful personalities make Exotics hot commodities.  

 Exotic Shorthair  

Alert, loving pint-sized Singapura kittens win over admirers.  


Savannah’s tall ears, long legs, and leopard print patterns harbor exotic charm.   


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