7 Essential Things Before Bringing Your New Cat Home

Provide a comfortable nesting area for cat to retreat to when scared like under furniture or in a spare room.  

Dedicate Safe Spaces  

Have 1 more box than number of cats and in multiple spots to encourage good potty habits.  

Multiple Litter Boxes  

Have taller vertical & horizontal scratchers of varying materials to save furniture from claws.

Scratching Posts 

 Window perches, wall shelves & cat trees allow crucial high vantage points to survey their new domain.  

Elevated Perches  

Have solo & bonding toys on hand like balls, feather wands, treat puzzles to prevent boredom related issues.   

Interactive Toys   

Stock up on quality food, brush, comb, nail clippers, ear cleaner and other grooming tools.  

Grooming Essentials

Pre-shop for food, treats, bedding, dishware, litter deodorizer etc needed in first few weeks at home.

Initial Supplies  

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