7 Cuddly Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Allergy

This hairless wonder is a total cuddle bug! Requires bathing and sunscreen but no brushing.


 An elegant short-haired breed with a delightful personality. Only minimal grooming required.  

Russian Blue  

Affectionate cats with huge personalities. Low-shedding coats require weekly brushing.

Oriental Shorthair 

Long-haired beauties that produce less dander protein than other cats. Require daily brushing. 


Their curly, washable coat sheds minimally. Just bathe monthly and trim nails regularly. 

Cornish Rex

With sparse, curly fur, they shed very little. Bathe every 2 weeks & clean ears often.

 Devon Rex 

Long-haired cats with an outgoing, playful nature. Daily brushing manages shedding well.


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