7 Facts About the Bambino Cat Breed  

The Bambino cat originated in the early 2000s by crossing Munchkin cats with Sphynx to create a short-legged, hairless breed.


Bambinos have a hairless or velour coat, wrinkled skin, medium-sized upright ears and a sturdy compact body on short legs. 


 Extroverted, incredibly affectionate and outgoing. They bond strongly with their families and get along well with other pets.  


Prone to back issues like lordosis. Responsible breeding reduces risk. Minimal health issues otherwise.

Health Concerns

Require weekly bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and sunscreen when going outside due to lack of hair coating.  

 Care Tips

As a newer and quite rare breed, Bambino kittens often cost $1000+ from specialty breeders. Adoption is lower cost.  


While rapidly gaining fans, Bambino cats are not an officially recognized breed by major cat registries yet.


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